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How is HedgeFlows different to Telleroo/Crezco/Nook/Comma?

HedgeFlows sets itself apart from providers like Telleroo, Crezco, Nook, or Comma by offering a range of unique features and comprehensive solutions. 

Our AP automation sets us apart by providing seamless payment runs in up to 30 currencies simultaneously. If effortlessly syncs with popular accounting software such as Xero, Sage, or QuickBooks, ensuring streamlined processes for remittance emails and reconciliations.

However, HedgeFlows' capabilities extend beyond AP automation. Unlike many companies that consider FX gains and losses an unavoidable part of international trade, we eliminate this problem entirely. With HedgeFlows you can easily pre-book guaranteed exchange rates for future invoices weeks or even months in advance, acting like a shield from potential losses resulting from currency fluctuations. Furthermore, HedgeFlows offers user-friendly tools to comprehend your currency costs and offer effective strategies to mitigate them.