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How to register as a sole trader?

You can register your business by clicking on the relevant tile in the top section of your Dashboard. This is an online process, and you should prepare some documents to complete it.


We require the following information in order to review your onboarding:

1) Basic information about your business, such as expected turnover, your expected currency needs, foreign countries with which you trade and the purpose of your HedgeFlows account.

2) If you are a sole trader, you will need to provide us with the name and official address of your business.  If you have a website and/or VAT number, please provide the information in the relevant fields.

3) Regulations require us to perform certain checks. For this, we must identify you - we will email you separately to perform the ID verification.

4) Regulations may require us to verify the legitimacy and nature of the funds of your business. We do so by requesting a recent sales order or invoice you've sent to your client and a bank statement with the matching receipt of funds. This can be in Pounds Sterling or any other currency.