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Sage 50 - FAQs

How do I update my data from Sage?

Most of the data is updated automatically shortly after it has been saved in Sage.

You can also manually update data from Sage by clicking on the Refresh data link above the Invoices table:


or by navigating to the Sage section of the Settings page:



How do I disconnect from Sage?

You can disconnect HedgeFlows from your Sage account in the Sage section of our Settings page:



Why can't I see my paid invoices?

By default, we filter out paid and voided invoices from the Invoice table.  You can include them in the table by clicking "All" in the top section of the table:




Sage can't handle bulk payments in foreign currencies. Can you process them and write back to Sage?

Yes, we support bulk payments and aggregating invoices to the same beneficiary via our Bulk payments flow.  Simply choose the invoices you want to pay from the Invoices table.  We will process them in bulk and record individual currency payments with correct exchange rates and currency amounts back to Sage (coming soon):



What doesn’t your integration do?

We currently don't offer the following:

  1. Writing payments back t Sage (coming soon)
  2. Importing sales and purchase orders (comings soon)
  3. Updating details for saved Contacts using data from Sage50.  If you want to import updated contact details into HedgeFlows you need to set up a new contact in our system.
  4. Importing invoices, bills etc. in home currency (coming soon)
  5. Automatically recording bank transfers from your bank to HedgeFlows for you in Sage (coming soon).
  6. Recording Collections and Conversion transactions (coming soon).

If you can't find the feature that you would like to see, please send an email to


Where in Sage should I see payments done via HedgeFlows?

(Coming soon) Provided you have permitted us to do so doing Sage integration setup we will automatically record foreign currency payments executed from your HedgeFlows account in Sage.  Regular currency transfers are recorded in HedgeFlows Clearing Account. You will need to add a funding transfer from your bank account to the HedgeFlows account manually.


How do payment processing fees appear in Sage?

(Coming soon) Payment processing fees will appear on the HedgeFlows Clearing account.