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How to pay for a transfer via HedgeFlows?

Where do I find payment instructions?

Funding a transfer with HedgeFlows can currently be done by sending funds from your bank account.

Once you've instructed a transfer, the confirmation screen will contain the bank details and other instructions on how to pay for us to process your transfer.  We also send a detailed email containing payment instructions to your registered email address.  Please ensure to include your unique payment reference on your transfer to avoid unnecessary delays.


Can you send my transfer before I fund it?

HedgeFlows processes payments only once the required funds are available on your account with us. It is not currently possible to make a transfer until we have received sufficient funds to process your currency purchase or payment.


Is my money safe?

Yes.  HedgeFlows is regulated by the FCA as a Payments Institution, and we are required to segregate any funds that our clients hold with us for payment purposes to be held in Client Money accounts, which we, in turn, hold with an authorised credit institution.  This means we can't use this money for any other purposes other than following your payment instructions.  


Can I pay with my credit/debit card or initiate a payment via Open Banking?

We currently don't offer card payment or Open Banking payment initiation but plan to add it in the near future.  Please don't hesitate to email us at if this is something you would like to see soon.